Oscar Scott Carl

Soap bubbles are blowing from the machine. Chia, Hussein and Hussein are trying to catch the bubbles from the window of the boys dorm room.

The soda disco party is on. The song "shahata" flows from the speakers. Porya kicks off his shoes and dance with them in the air - exactly like they do in the music video. The other children follow his lead. The dancefloor is filled with socks and the air is filled with shoes.

Diyar and Adib plays football. 1 against 1. Sliding tackles and fast sprints makes the boys tired. They meet in a hug. It's a tie.

The children have been whispering about the soda disco party for three days. A lot of the children have been looking forward to the party because they get to dress up, die their hair and paint their nails. One of the volunteers help Johara with her nails.

The camp takes place in a scout cabin in the middle of a forest. Between the tall trees there is a lot of space for playing and different activities arranged by the volunteers from Save The Children Youth.

Even though it is early morning the children are playing. Diyar is trying to learn Khadija how to do fingertricks before breakfast.

Before saying goodbye the children are already talking about the next camp. Who is going and who is not? Will they be able to color their hair once again? What will the theme for the next camp be? But there are also the ones who are more worried. Will they be able to go again or will their application for permanent residency in Denmark be dismissed?

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